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Stash of brass waiting to be lubed

Normally 1000 Lapua 308 cases will last me well for an entire season. Mainly because I can get about 8 – 10 reloads out of them. But Charles and I are both shooting at the S African Nationals in April so we had to load all of them for that. We packed them all up and shipped them to Sierra who is then shipping the entire team’s ammo to S Africa. But between now and then and even soon after we get back there are practices and matches to shoot. I need about 100 rounds for a match this weekend and then I fly down to Phoenix for the Berger SW Long Range Nationals. I will need another 250 or so for that one. And more for practices through March. Just order more cases you say? Yes well have you seen the price of brass these days? Especially Lapua?

Thank goodness we have some 308 Winchester brass around. Please do not accuse me of bad mouthing Winchester. I am not. It is just that when shooting Palma stuff everyone uses Lapua. Winchester works great. I just don’t get as many firings out of it. When I first started this game Winchester was all I used. And I had some of my best matches in the beginning with it. I have been using the Lapua so long now that my brain will only see one brand. I have all great components to go inside the Winchester. Of course my lovely Nosler match 155 grains, Varget and Fed 210m primers. The challenge is that we only have a few hundred of these cases. Which means that as soon as I am done with one match or practice the cases immediately go in to the tumbler and there may be one week until the next match to get reloads done. We had enough scraped up loaded ammo for my match this weekend but I have the bucket o’ brass to start lubing today for Phoenix in two weeks.

Nosler Match 155 gr

I suggested to Charles that he put a reloading space in the back of the truck and he can clean, prep and reload as I shoot them. He did not think that was too funny. I think this is called “First World” problems?

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  1. Luke

    @30cg, I”ve got piles of once fired federal .308 brass. Originally loaded with 168gr. Sierra’s BTHP. If it’ll help you out, email me if you’d like ’em. I’ll send as many as will fit in a flat rate box. –Luke

    • 30calgal

      Thank you Luke that is kind! But we do actually have another source close by. Fellow shooters are so nice! I need to write an article just about that.

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