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“Doom and gloom? Or just more Boom Boom?”  Thank my hubby Charles for that quote. But it made me laugh. We have to keep our chins up during this time. Everyone needs to bombard their state and national Reps and tell them to back off proposed bans. DO IT!! NOW!!

I leave today for Las Vegas to spend the week roaming the miles and miles of Shot Show. Seeing first hand the panic buying of anything black rifle related makes me wonder if any company will have much to sell. Of course one can make sales but when will they expect this stuff to be delivered? Rumor has it that FN since the Sandy incident has sold $65M and you may be lucky to receive your order in 2-2 1/2 years from now. Rumor or not, that idea of back-orders is what every black rifle or magazine manufacturer is dealing with. I spoke with John from JP Rifles last week and he said they are no longer making anything “fancy” custom. Strictly main stream black. I had bells and whistles on my rifle. None of that for awhile. They are just trying to get rifles out. I put in an order for some 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor receivers to at least get them in my hands if a ban passes. Then I can send them back to him later to be finished. But John said it would be 6-8 months from now. His display booth at Shot will be showing only his personal rifles. Every spare part needs to be at the warehouse for orders. I know of some other companies that have backed out of the show to have all hands on deck fulfilling orders instead. To some it is worth losing the cost of the very expensive booth space to keep production going instead.

I wonder if the subject of the proposed ban will be hushed a bit since we all know it is hovering but are tired of talking about it? Or are we going to be crying on each others shoulders all week? Maybe this can be the social hour instead and we can actually catch up and say hello to friends in the industry without the rush and hard sells. I know I will be focusing on the positive side as much as possible. There are many great products out there that are not black rifles. I am on a mission to find a competition pistol that is not $3000. Is there one that can be used out of the box? How about clothing for women that actually is fitted for women. Many try and say so but I would hate to see this “woman” they used as their fit model. For me I want to see an option for “tall”. I’m not Big & Tall I am Skinny & Tall.  I am hoping a company I met last year that is developing plastic ammunition cases will be there again. They were willing to test out loads based off of my loads for my Palma rifle. The concept is amazing. But there is much more testing to be done. I mostly look forward to seeing the people I correspond with daily through email or Facebook but finally in person.

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