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Myself, Jill Terry, Anne Reeve, Angela Robinson – Chris Reeve Knives

Shot Show just ended and it seems like a big blur. Each day I would look at my watch and it would tell me it was already 5pm. The days whizzed by. You have no idea how much turf you covered. My feet will argue that point. I will summarize my days with some highlights. The first thing I did when I arrived Tuesday morning was head downstairs to Chris Reeve Knives. A woman named Jill found my blog awhile back and contacted me with her interests in shooting 3 Gun and we started a FB friendship. I wanted to meet her. Just so happened she was helping out at the CRK booth. I was also happy to see a few women were working for this company. As you can see in the photo below they make some beautiful knives. I really really want of their decorated ones. Gorgeous! Bill Harsey who kept me very entertained that morning is a designer and maker of some of the CRK knives. Bill also introduced me to Spartan Knives across the hall who have some of Bill’s designs as well. Spartan makes the cool CQB knife at right. (The blue one is a training tool) You wear this puppy around your neck and when someone invades your personal bubble too closely you can “poke” him. Born as a tool for LE and military it also became a hit with women who use it when out jogging or whatnot. Both companies make their products right here in the lovely US of A and are extremely proud of their products.

Stunning Chris Reeve Knives

Spartan CQB

I ran in to Denny Chapman who I met originally on season one try outs for Top Shot.  We have been FB friends and see each other once a year at Shot. He is a superstar World Champion mounted shooter. I had to stop by to see several of my long range friends that work at the Berger booth. This year Darrell Buell who is captain of the USA Rifle Team – F Class is working with Berger also. Darrell has awesome connections with Savage Arms and Nightforce he introduced me too who happen to sponsor the Savage Arms Team. I met the lovely Gia of Tactical Barbe Designs. She makes and sells fashionable items for women who like guns. She saw me wearing my sparkly Bling Bang necklace and bought one on the spot. I had to of course stop by Lisa Looper’s booth Flash Bang. She makes the bra holster I have for my P238 as well as very nice waistband holsters and belts for women. Her booth was swamped and she will need to double her space for the booth next year. Not a bad business problem to have Lisa!

Anette and Lisa of Flash Bang

I visited Ari and Steve at the ESS Eyeprobooth. I have not seen them since we did the Boomershoot event

Ari, Anette and Steve of ESS Eyepro

last April. Ari was kind enough to load a bag full of more stock of eye pro pieces and lens. Love it!! He even showed me a a new prototype of sunglasses that are not out yet. I got the secret squirrel viewing. 🙂 They are pretty cool. Stay tuned and I will let you know as soon as they release them. I was very shocked to make my way to JP Rifles and find the booth empty.  They had banners up and a sign on an easel stating it was not worth it for them to come do the show since they had months of orders to work on. Bummer. I was looking forward to talking to John about my new adventure in to tactical and sniper competitions.


Nosler Catalog of Pro Staff

I have to say one of my surprised moments was visiting the gang at Nosler and seeing their catalog of the season. They asked me awhile back to submit a photo and bio but I guess I did not think it would be part of their catalog. They have a handful of Pro-Staff they sponsor and they featured all of us in the large catalog. Pretty Cool! Thank you Nosler. I love shooting your ammo! I also will be receiving a new 308 bolt action rifle they make that comes as a package with a Swarovski scope. An “out of the box” hunting rifle. This is not even in their catalog yet. I look forward to testing it out and writing about it in The Truth About Guns.

Dos Equis Guy.

And to end the week I had a celebrity sighting and got to cozy up to the bar with “Dos Equis Guy”. Looks exactly as he does on his commercials eh? Seemed a little stiff though.

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Lady! If You Can….”



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    You wrote that Darrell has connections with Knight Force. Did you by chance mean Nightforce – the company that makes awesome riflescopes?

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