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Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat on far right.

I had a full day today of walking the Shot Show floor for hours and seeing great products. I will write about them. But not first. First I am going to share the awesome party for women only last night. If you remember last year, Shelley Rae and I organized a happy hour for any women we knew would be at Shot. We had about 10 ladies show. It was very last minute and not super organized so we were okay with that. For this year we had hoped to get enough interest to have a bigger event sponsored. Well Britney of

Michelle Viscusi and Stephanie Hayden

the WON, with the help of Jacquelin Kelly of Armed In Heels and sponsor recruiting Shelley Rae, got it together and put on a very successful event of about 150 ladies of the industry. Held at Gilley’s Saloon at Treasure Island we donned our best cowgirl gear. I stuffed my new cowboy boots in to my luggage just for this event. Anyone who was anyone was there.

I met and hung out with the lovely Stephanie from Red Jacket Firearms. You may know the name from the show “Sons of Guns” better. The fun Louka Tactical ladies entertained me as usual. The always smiling

Louka Tactical babes

Angela from Boy are they busy these days. About 2000 orders a day! I finally got to meet in person Kathy Jackson from the Cornered Cat. She pretty much started this whole blogging thing for women. My pal Clover from FrogLube filled my bag with tons of samples of their new CLP in a tube. The 5 ladies of Otis Technologytook over an area. I ran in to Dianna who shoots for the FN team and is in the ladies finals of 3Gun Nation Rumble tonight. Go Girl! I went to that last year. Although fun it was colder than…well…snot. It is even colder this year so you will not find me out there this time. I

Otis Technology Ladies!

met Dianna at Season One of Top Shot tryouts.

I pretty much have no voice this morning. A room full of 150 women? It was a sight. There were hundreds of guys standing at the perimeter yellow tape just waiting for the 8:30 bell to go off so they could come in and join the party. The only two men allowed in the room were Lars and Cameron from NRA Blog and NRA News. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on camera by Cam and then again by the NRA Women’s Network.What a great opportunity to meet so many talented and

FNUSA Supergals

professional women that all have a love of guns.

Thank you especially to the sponsors; LaserMax, Otis Technology, NRA Women’s Network, GunUp, Galco Gunleather, Leupold Optics, and ESS Eyepro.

30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Lady! If You Can…..”

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