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When we left the range today I looked at the Grand Agg board of the top 50 competitors. No my name was not on it. I have only been doing this game for 4 years. Give me some time. But we do have several US members there. Our top guy is Lane Buxton, then Nate Guernsey, Bob Seketee, Nancy Thompkins, Ty Cooper, Brandon Green and Dave Crandell. Congrats shooters and keep up the game for two more days. Two more days. First of all I can’t believe almost two weeks has gone by here in Bloemfontein and second of all I will be glad when we are done shooting. I am having the time of my life but I am so tired and my body is beat up. Bruises and sore shoulder and nerve pain and over-exposed to the sun and I even think I have sun burned my eyes. It is so dry and dusty and when the winds are as crazy as they have been it really wears on you. Enough complaining? Okay I’m done. We had one rock star on our squad today win the 300 metre string on that tiny target. It was not exactly perfectly calm and Michael Storer cleaned his target with 10 V-bulls. Out of 10. David Crandell had 9 and thought he was doing well until Michael came along. Michael even forgot his glove when he was up at the line and had to run back. With heart rate and all he swept it. Me, well I had a rough day. Many did. It was another weird twitchy day. And my “personal wind coach”, that would be me, did not show up. Shooting in the NW calm conditions does not train me for this stuff. I think we need to move to AZ to shoot at Ben Avery twice a week. But in about 4 matches I am in the top 50 and some above 30 and will receive pins.

A short blog today gang. Just got back from the range and now we are headed to another formal dinner. I feel like a school teacher in my navy blazer, scarf and grey skirt. But every team has their dress uniform. Here are photos of some results from the last couple of days. I just took the top half of 50.



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