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As you may remember, last April Shelley Rae and I were sent to Northern Idaho by ESS Eyepro to participate in Boomershoot. We received an all expenses paid trip to blow stuff up. We felt like superstars as the two person camera crew followed us around for three days and documented the event and Shelley and I. Andy Tran from Couch Creative Productions produced, filmed and edited 5 short videos that will be incrementally released over the next five weeks. This video here is Volume I, an introduction to Shelley and I. This was filmed ahead of Boomershoot at Cascade Rifle Range as we were practicing some practical pistol and 3 gun stages. And I sporting my Leupold pink hat and optics! Hope you enjoy the series as much as we had fun “shooting” it!

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30CalGal – “Shoot Like A Lady! If You Can…..”

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  1. Barron Barnett

    I just saw volume 2… How are you going to drag others with you if you’re not coming this year? 😉 I know why but I just had to say something… 😀

    I guess you need to just make sure Shelly brings others with her.

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