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There seems to be an array of firearm industry auction sites out there right now. But not a one of them can claim that they aretacticalAuction.comLogo FREE. And when I say free, I mean free! There are auction sites that let you list for free but then take a final commission and there are those that charge fees on both ends. Let me introduce to you  It is a classified ad type of auction, selling and trade site that does not take one single dime! Their mission statement is to be supportive of the gun industry as a community and of our 2nd Amendment and Constitution. They encourage the legal trade of goods and legal firearm ownership. Did I mention they were FREE?

When Edward the U.S. Army Retired owner and operator contacted me about TA I had to give it a try and list some of my Caliber Tee-shirts on the site.  Now I have to be honest here. I am also currently building a new buy/sell site for the gun accessory industry. I was wondering if I would shoot myself in the foot by promoting a “competitor” especially since they have zero fees and we will have final value fees on ours. But my site is a place one can open an actual custom online store easily and for free. Yes there is a final value fee. But we are going after the sellers and manufacturers that want an easy to build store front that gives them a professional look in a popular shopping mall.  It is not a classified ad format. So we are different and I believe there is room for all of us. I also believe in friendly competition. We are all in this together supporting an industry with our 2nd Amendment rights in mind. So on that note, I love!

There is advertising on the site which must be how they are going to pay for the site. When the millions flock to buy/sell and trade their products for no fees then so will the advertisers. This to me is a win win for all. And to let you know how devoted they are to keeping the site free you and me is they have already turned down a buyout offer. Either someone is afraid of the competition and/or they agree this is going to be a very successful business. Edward felt if they were bought then the format would be switched to fees again. No way! So getting back to selling my tee-shirts here, I found it very easy to register and start my listings. You have up to 8 photos you can upload and Youtube videos can be shared as well. As of now they are still only integrated with Paypal and your own personal merchant account or check payment process. In the works, (same with my site) is the PistolPay and Merchant Services Ltd. PistolPay is being built and supported by Rainier Arms and is a “gun-friendly Paypal”. Although higher fees than Paypal you will not be denied because you sell guns and ammo. And it works exactly the same. The Merchant Services Ltd from McMillan offers you payment processing that is gun-friendly as well. They are competitive with most VISA/MC processing. So far the site is viewer friendly. The other big auction site out there to me is so “busy” to look at.

I encourage you to give a try. I have no affiliation with them. (except of course the items I have listed.) Like I said, they are going to be somewhat of a competitor to me. But I respect the company and their mission statement. And did I mention that they are FREE? Oh yes, and while you are there go buy one of my tee-shirts shown here. I know, I have no shame. 🙂

For the Gun Geek! Silk screened tee shirt with details of a 7.62 NATO cartridge. The Cockasnoot logo on right sleeve. $25!!

For the Gun Geek! Silk screened tee shirt with details of a 7.62 NATO cartridge. The Cockasnoot logo on right sleeve. $25!!

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