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Hurray for us! The gun nuts of the USA! With a new Republican president and congress coming in next year we should have plenty to celebrate this Christmas. Whether or not you like the newly elected parties, our federal gun laws should remain in tact and even open up a bit. Can you say “suppressors”? At least we do not… Read more »


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Anette Wachter 30CalGal 2017

  For the last three years I have been competing and shooting in several disciplines. Well trying to anyway. I should know better. You spread yourself too thin and you can’t be great at all of them. Of course you know I shoot Palma and long range for the US Team and then I got… Read more »

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Lunge jump

Legs, legs, legs! I was running stairs last week for my series with a loaded backpack for leg strength and cardio training. If your legs are weak little twigs they will not get you around the 3gun stages very powerfully. And they certainly won’t get you up the mountain for the precision rifle series matches…. Read more »