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USteampatchGoodbye 2014 and helloooooooooo 2015! I am a few days in to 2015 which means I am late with this post. But I had to sit back and think about 2014 and all of the events and even non-events that happened. I had a couple of things I’d like to forget but mostly I am very thankful of the blessings of 2014. Anette Wachter and 30CalGal had a good year. And from the way things look so far, I think 2015 should be a lot of fun. This is my top 10 list of 2014 in no particular order and following is a list of what I am looking forward to in 2015.

1 – Mom’s health is great again and totally in remission. She just left to go back to Snowbird country in the sun and will get back in to the game of golf. Yea mom!

2 – I became an Aunt in July to a handsome boy named Jimmy. Of course he is the cutest baby ever. Not that I am biased. He actually gets comments that he looks like Prince George. He will be the most spoiled child ever. He is and most likely will be the only grand child in the Wachter family so he will be spoiled. I already notarized/gifted an AR lower to give to him when he is old enough. (I did it this way before I-594 passed in Wa St just in case)

3 – Charles finally quit working for his father after 15 years. Does he have a new job yet? No, but even so we are in a much better space because of it. A huge cloud has lifted. It gives us a new adventure.

4 – kozmoKozmo is still furry and cute. He has a few more gray hairs on his muzzle and he is a little slower running up hills with me but he is happy and healthy. That is good because I want him around as long as possible.





5 – I am still upset that I-594 passed in November but I am thankful my career and hobby path led me in to political involvement. I met really interesting people on both sides of the political arena. It has led to future opportunities to work with the NRA and SAF and more.

6 – As for the 30CalGal side of Anette Wachter I could not be happier. I was able to dive in to two new shooting disciplines of 3Gun and Precision Rifle. I could not have done it without the help of several great companies that have sponsored me with their products. Products I have tested and accepted for these sports. Big shout out to H&H Precision and Devil Dog Arms and their partners.

7 – US Long Range Nationals Full-Bore Nationals were held at Camp Perry last August. It was also the tryouts for a spot on the US World Palma Team. I was notified last week that I made the team! I am able to compete in the World Palma Championship as an individual as well and look forward to that event at Camp Perry in August. And this is my list of wins last year: Gold Roumanian Palma Team, 2nd Overall Roumanian Trophy, 2014 US Nationals Full Bore – Gold Medal Open Mini Palma 4 man Team, Silver Medal Commodore 12 man team. 2014 Wa St. Long Range High Power Champion Rattlesnake Mtn. 2014 SW Nationals Gold Medal US Team Tompkins. 2014 SW Nationals 4th Overall Individual Palma TR Agg. 2014 Wes Hall Memorial 300 Yd. – 2nd Overall.

8 – I had a great team at Sitebiz that rebuilt my 30calgal.com web site and set me up for advertising. I had a huge increase in traffic the 2nd half of the year and it has been steady since.

9 – I was filmed for NRA Women’s Network series Tips & Tactics. 5 instructional videos were released on the NRA News network. This was tons of fun and brought quite a bit of publicity. I have become a frequent guest on Cam Edward’s show Cam & Co on NRA News.

10 – I participated in two “first ever” events, the Trijicon World Shooting Championship and the Brownell’s Ladies 3Gun ProAm. Both were so successful they will be held yearly from now on. In fact the Ladies ProAm will have two matches this year and a TV show to go along with it.

2015 as I can see it now looks to be even more active than last year. Not sure if that is good or bad. As long as I have fun with it and make time for myself and family then bring it on. What is funny is that Shot Show falls in January and seems to be a starting point for the year ahead. It is a way to rush out of the gate full speed ahead with new contacts, business and goals. Goals for 2015 are:

1 – Win the World Long Range Championship with the US Team in August. Duh.


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