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I wanted to share from a cool hunting blog called They write about the top 10 products in each category related to hunting sports. I look forward to sharing more from them! Here is an intro and it will lead you to their site. The link is good. I promise! 30calgal


Scope It Out: Get the Right Scope for Your Rifle

There are many extra gizmos and pieces of kit that can be paired with your rifle to improve its performance, but none are more important that having a good scope. In fact, a good rifle and a good scope will see you through most shooting situations, as long as you have put in the practice to know them well and get your eye in.

There’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to rifle scopes, and they’re very popular because with a scope you just need to line up your reticle with the target, as opposed to with iron sights, which require you to line up the rear and front sights with the target.  Because of the different types of scopes available, there are some things you’ll want to consider before choosing yours, such as:

  1. Optical Power
  2. The Type of Reticle
  3. Scope adjustment: MOA or MRAD
  4. Focal plane
  5. Parallax

The right scope will differ from rifle to rifle and shooter to shooter, but it’s always best to be as informed as possible before making your choice.  Check out this guide to rifle scopes for further information.

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