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The Lantac USA Dragon Muzzle Brake. Photo by Andy Tran.

The Lantac USA Dragon Muzzle Brake. Photo by Andy Tran.

Lantac USA just released the Dragon muzzle brake in the USA a few months ago. Their ninja like video went viral pretty quickly. It shows in slow motion a full-auto rifle blasting out rounds and yet the rifle is motionless. I think most people agreed that was pretty amazing but is it really true? I was able to test it out last week and I have to say, yes it is true. I am so fortunate to work with Andy Tran of Couch Creative Productions who filmed and edited my video. In fact he does all of my videos. He has a high speed camera which can show the cool “Top Shot” like footage of brass flying out in slow motion. Andy filmed my original reaction to the first time I shot the rifle with the Dragon on it. Surprise is not the right word. More like awe.

The Dragon speaks for itself. You must try it for yourself. It did not bounce. It did not move. Sure I can tell you the technical make up of why they claim this to work. The Ultra Fast Attenuation. The SEP, Short Energy Pulse. Blah blah blah. No. It just works. Check it out.


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