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Put a Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm under your tree for Christmas!

Put a Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm under your tree for Christmas!

“She is mythicized as treacherous and merciless”. Perhaps, but it is not really a mystery at all. I could not resist the Headline. This pistol is straight forward fabulous. The Sphinx SDP (Special Duty Pistol) Compact Alpha 9mm DA/SA is now distributed in the US. Sister company to Kriss USA, Sphinx Arms is a Swiss based manufacturer of pistols. I have always drooled at their booth at Shot Show looking at this and their competition pistols. So I was super excited when they asked me to review this for them. Because this gun is in the higher price range it was not something I was going to be able to get my hands on for a while. Or so I thought. With the Blade-Tech holster they sent along with it I have been able to carry it with me often. I have made several trips to the range and purposely blasted away with it. Shooting at paper targets tends to get boring, unless of course they are 1000 yards away, so not only did I just want to see if it made tight groups but I wanted to test its rapid fire.

Really, anyone can hold the pistol steady and get a great group of shots in sphinxleftsidethe center of the bulls-eye. And with this the group is tight as I expected. But I prefer rapid fire sequences to know how well my sights come back on to target and what the recoil is. Normally I will put the paper target out at 7 yards for rapid fire. I could easily keep the sights on target. It did not feel snappy at all. Felt solid like an old steel muscle car door shutting. Okay that came from my love of Detroit metal. I was thinking of an old Challenger. Not biased or anything. I also want to find out if the gun feels good in my hands while shooting. Some pistols just do not fit my hands well and hurt shortly after firing. For instance, although I like Glocks for their “work horse” reliability, I do not like shooting it. It fits my hand such that my trigger finger chafes . Perhaps it is the angle of the grip? The Sphinx fits like a glove. It seems to be ergonomically correct. First and foremost this is a duty gun so the trigger guard is wide sphinxrightsideand roomy. Perhaps the weight of it makes a difference as well. It is beefy which I prefer. Made of 3 materials, the slide is steel, the upper aluminum and the lower and grip is polymer. The kit comes with 3 different sized rubber grips. “The grip features an extremely high tang that enables the gun to sit very low in the hand, allowing it to point very naturally and reducing muzzle rise during recoil” according to Sphinx. It just feels good.

The SDP is a DA/SA with an ambidextrous decocking lever. The DA trigger pull is long as it should be and the single stage is super crisp. The reset is very quick as well. Maybe a bit of their competition trigger was channeled in to this. I loved it. As you know I am a 1911 lover and a heavier weighted gun with crisp trigger is my favorite. I am going to compare this to a CZ 75 and even my Witness only because I am most familiar with those and have fired them many times before this gun. sphinxfrontsightTaking the pistol apart is similar and the concept is as well. There is a Picatinny rail underneath the bottom of the receiver. The sights included on my pistol are the basic iron blade with white dot for the front and an adjustable iron on the rear.

As you can see in the photo the Sphinx kit includes the hard case, two magazines, 3 rubber grips and cleaning kit. One can add upgrades such as DEFIANCE Tritium sights and a threaded barrel. I love this pistol, I want this pistol, I wish I could afford this pistol. (I forgot to mention MSRP in original post) MSRP is approx $1495. I will need to sell a few more of Bling Bang necklaces and put it in my Sphinx savings account. This is worth the splurge gang. And if you happen to be at Shot Show in January I recommend you stopping by their booth. They also are holding a 3 day event at the Machine Gun Vegas range sphinxrearsightduring that week. Of course this event features their Kriss full auto assortment. You can believe I will be there. Oh and make sure this goes under someone’s Christmas tree. They will thank you for it.



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  1. Rob K

    I had an oppurtunity to handle and shoot around 100 rounds through this gun recently. Simply put likes and dislikes below.
    The Good
    An amazing grip. The best, better than any hogue, g10, hk p30, nill wood, plastic, metal, m&p, sig ergo. Period. Nothing like it anywhere.
    The slide is smooth like butter. The build quality of the Gun is extremely high. Superb.
    The magazine quality is excellent too.

    The Bad
    The Gun is top heavy and imbalanced. A Sig p229 is much more balanced than this one
    Too much muzzle flip for such a heavy gun.
    Trigger feel is marginal both in DA/SA but this is easily fixed.
    Kriss USA’s less than stellar service reputation.

    Best for: Build quality, comfort & swiss made fetishists.

  2. John

    Tried to find an email address to send this to, but couldn’t. Trying to decide between this Sphinx SDP Compact or a Sig P229 Elite Dark. Thanks for the review and what are your thoughts between the two?

  3. Ara

    Thanks for the review. I just picked one up yesterday at my local gun shop. I had been eyeing it for several weeks. Priced at $990 and talked him down to $855 (including 3 mags, and a Sphinx ball cap :-)) and ended up trading him two pistols for it. Definitely one of the best grips I’ve handled; a very smooth slide action; excellent build quality and craftsmanship. Real close tolerances. Plan on going to the range next week to put at least 100 rounds through it.

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