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It may sound odd but shooting for me is very tranquil. Even the loud bang disappears. I seem to get in to a “zone” and everything around me disappears.

When it is my relay to shoot I get 2 minutes to prep time and then prep time is 3 minutes. By this time I have my shooting jacket on, ears in and glove on. Of course with the ear plugs in, you disappear in to your own world anyway. I strap the arm band on and attach it and myself to the rifle. I get down in to the prone position and position the butt of the stock in to my shoulder. Left elbow flat on ground. Cheek firmly resting on stock just behind the rear site. Everything is within inches of me. My spotting scope is so close to my left eye that when in position looking through my sites with my right eye, I barely have to tilt my head to see through scope with my left. Ammo is in container next to trigger. My biggest movement is using my right hand to load a round in chamber, close the bolt and settle in to trigger. Watch through scope for the direction of mirage. When constant, tilt back to rifle, take deep breaths and hear 3 commands in my head for every shot. “Target, (make sure I am on my target and not someone else’s.) site picture, trigger.” Fire. Look through scope for target to pull down and come back up with an X. Ahhhh. Repeat 19 more times.

“Shoot like a Girl! If you can…….”

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