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I just put the pieces together recently of a great story that involves our shooting community. I will not mention names so that anyone involved in not embarrassed. We have a shooting friend of ours that has not been able to shoot for the last two years since the economy collapsed. His work was cut back severely and he could not afford to buy parts for ammunition, etc. He loves this game! And to not shoot has hurt. We also really missed him. Several months ago Charles had a bucket full of once fired brass that he gave him. (I can mention his name, he belongs to me :)) Another guy donated LOTS of powder and I just found out another guy donated about 1500 bullets. And mind you, all of these happened at random times and without knowing the others were giving away items.

We saw our friend out on the range again. We have always enjoyed his presence. It was odd not having him around for so long. Nice to have you back friend! And thank you to all who “helped our friend”.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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