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Sometimes life just gets in the way.

I have had many comments from readers and followers that I have not been posting for a while. They are correct. All is well though! For the past few months I have been taking care of mom and getting her moved in to a new place to live. Funny how the cycle of life switches and the kids end up taking care of parents. Add other distractions and I have not had many opportunities to shoot a lot of competitions, to post blogs or to my social media platforms. We also lost our pooch Buddy. But for a happy outcome we had a wonderful furry guy slip in to our life and has brought us great joy. Meet Blue. Sweetest dog ever. I am slowly making my way back to the fun side of my life. I spent a great meet-n-greet weekend at the Umpqua Rod and Gun Club last weekend and will be heading to CO soon to film a tv show.

Being near the end of the year the competitions have dwindled. But ShotShow is just around the corner! Again! Already! We will be debuting the 510 Beck and other rifles from our company Developmental Weapon Systems. We will be busy in 2018. No to mention my jewelry design company is taking off. Whew!

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to a great time ahead.


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  1. jack

    Glad to see you back, if only slightly. May be able to purchase some more of your fine jewelry for the wife in the near future.
    Take care,

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