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Sheesh! I sent my casting video in on Sunday and I got a call on Monday! A Top Shop rep called and we spoke about 10 minutes for him to ask me more questions. I realize they need to really screen everyone well before inviting them to final casting call.

He mentioned they liked my video I submitted and they thought I would make a great candidate. Who knows! To participate would be a blast. (Oops, no pun intended) Still no details on competitions but there will be a “mystery explosive” section. How great would that be!

I am getting on this show gang. I am going to win. Not to harp on the woman vs. man thing but to win this would be a great thing. Men and women are on equal footing in this sport. This competition will be fair game. For now, I sit and wait by my phone for the next call and a plane ticket to LA.

“Shoot like a girl! If you can…………..”

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