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Well, they keep calling me! That is a good sign. In fact this week I was sent a confidentiality agreement to sign. They said this does not mean I am chosen yet but that I am a “favorite”. An even better sign! It is starting to settle in a bit that this might actually happen. What do I do then?

I kick butt is what I do. I figure this is a fun once in a life time experience. Have an amazing time but win. I do have a concern it is a “Reality Show” where we all have to live together also and they are filming every move every minute of the day. I am not a “drama” person. I usually ignore people who are. They annoy me. I realize on set and in competition there will be plenty of drama but that is ok. At least there we are in competition and nothing gets held back. But I am not the type who wants to sit around the group home and gossip and have cat fights in between. Who knows, I may be canceling myself out by admitting this. The producers can read this blog! I do know this, I will put on a great show during competitions. I will win. If we have to sit around a house at night and act like we hate each other then I will be the one who goes to my room and shuts the door for the night. The others will talk behind my back and call the me anti-social one. Or better yet, the stuck up b@*&#. Oh well. Bring it on.

“Shoot Like A Girl” If You Can…………”

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