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I did something today I have never done. Watched myself on video. Yikes. Is that really me?

The History Channel is producing a new reality show called Top Shot. They are looking for candidates to compete for a whole season of shows. Last competitor standing wins Top Shot title and a nice sum of cash. They are looking for men and women who excel in at least one shooting skill and is in top physical shape. The competition covers a large range of shooting and explosives in individual and team events. This is a first for this show so I am not completely aware of details. I thought, “why not?”

I sent in an email with photos and brief description of my skills and received an email back asking me to fill out an official application and we need to submit a short video to show our personality. So, some great friends came over today and helped me do this. “Be relaxed. Just talk to your friends about what you do!” Yeah right. But, I have to admit I believe I did pretty well. I feel I come across more telegenic than photogenic. Still, to see yourself as others might is a bit strange. Does my voice sound like that?

I am writing this now as I wait for the 4 segments to download to YouTube. It takes forever to Upload! No, I am not sharing this with the world. Only Top Shot Casting will get to see this. I want to be on this show. I want to win. “I am History Channel’s next Top Shot winner!”

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know when I hear something.

“Shoot like a girl! If you can………..”

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