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Charles and I bought new barrels for our AR15’s late last year. We bought an 8 inch twist. One is supposed to be able to shoot an 80 grain bullet very well out of this at 600 yards. We also load a 69 and 77 grain for this. We could not figure out why all shots at 600 yards using the 80 grain were going all over the place. Yet the 77 grains were perfect.

Charles went on to a long range forum and heard others had the same problem. These were Douglas barrels. Others realized they received a 9 inch twist! So we pulled out our measuring tape last night and VOILA! We got 9″! Sheesh. Compass Lake was kind enough to allow us to return them. It was a Douglas mistake. Compass does not even stock 9″ so they were all miss-marked. Sounds like an entire batch went out this way.

We have 2 new barrels to put on this weekend and get new 0’s just in time to fly to AZ for the SW Nationals on Tuesday. We did measure the new ones and they are the correct twist.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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