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What a day! 80 degrees. The first time since last August have we had this kind of temperatures. Pathetic eh? This is the weekend I had to dust off my AR15 to participate in this match. I have been so involved in Long Range prone shooting that except for practice on last Thursday I have not fired this rifle since the 29 Palms match last November. For those of you not familiar with this course of fire it is a 4 stage event. We do 20 rounds of slow fire offhand at 200 yards. Then again at 200 we do 2 strings of seated rapid fire of 10 rounds each with a magazine change in each string. You get 60 seconds to shoot 10 rounds with mag change. Then we go back to 300 and do 2 strings of prone rapid with magazine changes. Then finally back to 600 yards and fire 20 rounds slow prone in 20 minutes. (Tomorrow I will have a video of me doing one of the rapid strings during the CMP Leg match.)

The format of shooting today was not a normal one since this is a two day event with a Registered, State Leg and CMP Leg matches. So we did a double of the 200 and 300 yard positions. Tomorrow we will do a double at 600 yards and then go from 600 backwards to 200 for the final CMP Leg match. (I will explain Leg matches in another entry). Long story short I shot very well today! The only part I struggled with was the second string of offhand which was the last one of the day. I was so tired I could not hold very well and break my shots off in time. But all of my rapid fires were great. High Power really is Charles’ forte. He is on a mission to get his Distinguished Badge. He only needs 6 more points. One needs 30. Tomorrow’s CMP Leg is where he can get it. It is a great honor to have this Badge. He shot super well today and I know he will win the points tomorrow. Good luck babe! No pressure or anything. Everyone is watching you!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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