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Although a blueNo on I-594 state, Washington has always been on my list as a “gun-friendly” state. We were part of the Wild West. We have laws that have worked well and are efficient. We are a Shall-Issue state and although not a fan of Open Carry, we are an Open Carry state. We do not ban or limit capacities or any firearms, except Class 3, and contrary to what the anti-gun crowd thinks, we do have to have background checks to buy guns at our gun shows. The laws have been efficient here. But now, the out of state, “guaranteed spot in heaven” Bloomberg is dipping his dirty hands in to our clean NW waters. He is contributing to Initiative 594 that will be put to vote this fall.  I-594 in a nut shell wants a universal background check on all sales and transfers of firearms. Sounds harmless right? Not quite………….

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