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This weekend is the BIG service rifle match at Paul Bunyan Rifle Range in Puyallup. I have always wondered why this match is in June. It seems too early in the year. We are still having cold rainy weather and it is June 4th! No one wants to practice in the rain. It should be in July or August so we have more time to shoot. I know. I am whining.

I need to dust off my AR and see what I can do. (As you have read, I have mostly been shooting the long range) Actually we practiced some this week at the local police range to 200 yards. I also have been doing “mental” practices. I go through every move from beginning to end in my head. I see the result of the X and 10 rings. I am in the Master class for the service rifle. “I have won the Master class trophy. I am holding the trophy.” Sound hokey? I believe it works!

I will have to tell you about a great book “With Winning In Mind”. Written by Lanny Bassham. He is an Olympic and two time World Champion in rifle shooting. Have I written about it already? I will have to go back in past entries and make sure I am not repeating myself.  But this book is a must read. One can apply it to any part of their life. Believe me, I am not one for self-help books. But this one is about competition. “I am a winner!”

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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