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Hi gang. Sorry for my absence.

Last year we bought a used but great Palma rifle from a shooting friend of ours. It is not a wood stock like my rifle. It is a space gun. Bright blue metal. ( the one on far left on the rack in photo) It is a great rifle and we got it for a great price. We bought it as a combo back up for me and a rifle for Charles if he decides to take up prone shooting. I have been wanting to have one more rifle made specifically for me by Jim Cloward. I want another wood stock. A month ago we went to Jim’s shop and picked out an amazing piece of wood. So Jim is going to convert the space gun in to my new wood stock. He will make it as a certified Palma rifle that is required by the Palma Team should I make it on. I have a new Warner site for it too! Should be ready in November some time. I will certainly take pictures of it. Merry Christmas to me! Can’t wait.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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  1. Bridgett

    Annette, I am so happy for you. I hope this rifle treats you right.
    I have never been in competitions myself but I a can appreciate when the experts are teaching me a little tips here and there out at the gun range. I am get better and better each day.

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