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I am writing this from my phone so please excuse any errors.

This morning was a stunning start. A little cool but gorgeous. No wind. I started the day at 800 yards and performed very well. I shot a perfect score, 150/150 with 12x. 12 X’s out of 15 shots. At 900 yards the same. Cleaned it but with 6 X’s. Then came 1000 yards. I was on relay 4 all day which meant I get the late afternoon weather whic always gets worse. Sure enough we jumped to 20 mile an hour winds. I got shoved off the target and dropped 12 points. So much for my perfect day. Oh well!

Tomorrow is the 4 person team match. I have been invited to shoot and coach with the Bald Eagles, a veteran’s team. I need to paint my hair grey.

What was I thinking to change hotels?! Rancho Cordova is aweful. I was in a charming town. This is like a “hood” of Sacramento. So what if I was not with the rest of the group? Live and learn.

“Shoot like a girl! If you can……”

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