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Sorry, I am late on updating this. I only had my cell phone which was difficult to do this from.

Photo is of the 1000 yard target frame. Big eh? But not from 1000 yards away!

Saturday was a bit of a disaster for me. Humbling to say the least. They say. “Not IF but WHEN”. Well, I had my WHEN 4 times. I lost 40 points. I had a mystery bullet. I thought perhaps I cross fired on to someone else’s target but no one claimed it. When we moved from the 1000 yard line to the 900 yard line I forgot to change my front site setting. My first 2 sighters, which don’t count for score but give you an idea where your shots are, came up as misses. So i kept adjusting windage. After 4 shots fired as misses they were finally allowed to tell me where the shots were going. Up and over the target. ARRGH!! Then to add insult to injury I did a blatant cross fire midway through that string.

Breathe. Put it behind me. Sunday was to be a day to recoup and shoot better. How could it get any worse?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If you Can…..”

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