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Randy, Floyd, Jerry and I made up one of the Bald Eagles teams. We came in 4th place! I am happy with that because we had a good score and the top 3 teams were stacked with old timer heavy hitters. I was happy with my coaching duties UNTIL the 1000 yd. line. Once again, by the time we got back there the winds were pretty strong again. It is really hard for me still to read the change in velocity and measure the change. The pros can see a tiny change in the flick of the flag tail. I am not confident in my decisions yet.

My shooting was near perfect. I was happy to say I had the highest score of the team. It means I held hard and of course my coach was great. Thanks Randy!

Tomorrow we go back to the individual events. We will go backwards, starting at the 1000 yd line and moving forward. We will be closer at the windiest time of day. Should help!

“Shoot like a girl! If you can….”

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