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Where am I? I have never been to Sacramento I guess and I am staying in a town an hour away called Jackson. Way out here! But very pretty rolling hills. Another wine country area and lots of BIG ranches. The range is then 30 minutes from here. The other option was to stay 30 minutes in the other direction from the range in Rancho Cordova. I will be moving there tomorrow for the rest of the week. More to do there and closer to range and airport, etc.

The range is in a beautiful location in the middle of a cattle ranch. Don’t miss those targets or we will be having burgers. The photo I took is from my phone so it is a far away shot of the 800 yard line. But it shows all of the rolling green and blue skys. Now back to shooting.

Today is the day to get all your 0’s at each firing line, 800, 900 and 1000 yards. I have a new front site so I had to start over. It may take me tomorrow to get used to it. I hope I get comfortable with it quickly. I want to win this week!

Tonight I was invited to dinner at a local shooters home with a few people. It is about 45 minutes from here. Sheesh! I forgot California is a big place. But It will be nice to see another area around here. I will update you tomorrow on day #1 of competition!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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